Friday, March 9, 2007

I don't mean to.

A few people say, I sigh a lot. And even more people say..."...mengeluh tu tak elok". In my defense, when I sigh, I don't keluh kesahkan my life. I sigh either because I'm tired after my one lap of free-but-not-so-free style in the swimming pool, or I'm relieved that my little brother managed to catch his last bus home, or I'm dismissing a thought about ayam masak merah being a good idea for dinner, or I'm nervous at the thought of my students being evaluated by a colleague, or I'm worried that my 15 months-old nephew's head would hit the floor instead of the pillow, or...

My point is, I sigh because of a lot of things. I sigh because I feel good sighing! By that I don't mean I breathe in, narrowing my nostrils, expanding my lungs, then letting out a gush of carbon dioxide every little second I get! I just...sigh...comfortably.

Don't YOU do it sometimes?

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