Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Handsomly Safe and Sound.

Two weeks have passed and I'm just not sure if I could tell what have kept me so(called) busy chronologically. Ok...
On a weekend, I went home to Ummi, with Ampet and Afiq. Had a great out-of-breath time baby-sitting little but-not-so quiet and timid Afiq. It took me way back when I was quicker and lighter and .. yeah, sure.. younger. I baby-sat. I enjoyed it back then. I enjoyed it that weekend.
Back then baby-sitting my little siblings seemed endless. I thought I was gonna have to do it forever. Ya know having the..I'm-the-Kakak-so-I-WILL-be-the-kakak kinda attitude.. Resenting it at times, liking it at another. Baby-sitting last weekend though was more like a long overdue exercise, running after Afiq trying to put his diapers on or trying to get him to eat. And mind you there were no diapers pampers whatsoever back then so, at times with Afiq, I had to readjust the diapers coz I was putting it on either upside down, or inside out. Hmmm...
Then there was the barber shop experience. Little Afiq was in serious need to get his hair cut. So with a little prayer, Ampet, Uncle Flick and I gave that barber shop a nervous visit. He was ok at first sitting on that high chair, watching the other man's head being 'machined'. Then he got restless. So Uncle Flick distracted him, putting Afiq on his lap and making faces on the mirror. I on the other hand, handed Afiq his chikedis one by one, praying that the time went faster, but fearing it at the same time.
Fear? Yeah lah!! What if Afiq decided to show off his husky 'rocky' voice and put up a silat? Would the barber emphatized? Would we have enough chickedis? And oh no!! I left his nini in the car!
Then came the moment of truth. With Afiq still sitting on Uncle Flick's lap, the barber did his magic trick wonderfully...while the 4 of us tried to sit him down.
Hehe...would I go through that experience again?
Why not.
The next day, we returned handsome Afiq to his Mama and Ayah safe and sound.

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