Monday, March 12, 2007

As Long As You're Happy...

Last week I heard over the radio that the SPM results will be out this Monday. Monday? Gulp. Breathe! Breathe!

Immediately I sms-ed my sisters. They gulped and breathed too.

My sisters and I passed our SPM years ago. It wasn't for ourselves that we gulped and breathed. It was for our Angkellam.

Came today, when I was asked if I had made that call to Angkellam I went..."Huh? What for?"

Then I paused. Today? Monday? Last-week-over-the-radio Monday? My heart skipped a beat. I forgot to breathe again... Breathe, breathe!! No time to gulp this time.

Angkellam sounded ok. No dissppointment, no regrets. At least that's what I heard from his chirpy voice. I believe that comes from how well he knows himself. And that's all that matters to me. HE is ok.

Expectations? Sure! I expect him to know the consequences of his actions. I expect him to have more Hows than Whys. I expect him to go on living his life the way he lives it best. Not getting As doesnt mean he goes poor tomorrow. Not getting a single digit aggregate just means that he didn't do well in SPM. Period. It's not a reflection of how the rest of his life will be.

Angkellam sounded ok. So breathe... .

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ampet said...

eh hello???... excuse me.. your zodiac year is not boar ok...